City of Refuge

by Abigail Washburn



"...Appalachia and folk-pop, with tinges of Asia and Bruce Springsteen"
- The New York Times

"...a modern classic."
- Boston Globe

"...the record I randomly put on and fell in love with."
- Bob Boilen, NPR All Songs Considered

"...a daring, definite talent."
- Wall Street Journal

Profiled in Newsweek (2008) for creating a “gorgeous, joyful new sound,” songwriter and clawhammer banjo player Abigail Washburn takes her bold and expansive musical vision to new heights on her third recording, City of Refuge (January 11, Rounder Records). Raw, ethereal and at times lushly orchestrated, the album melds the forces of renowned producer Tucker Martine (the Decemberists, Spoon, Sufjan Stevens) with Washburn’s classic songwriting and old-time storytelling aesthetic.

Abigail and Tucker along with songwriting collaborator and multi-instrumentalist Kai Welch amassed an impressive group of artists and friends including guitarist Bill Frisell, old-timey fiddler Rayna Gellert, string arrangements by Jeremy Kittel of the Turtle Island String Quartet and guzheng (the ancient Chinese zither) master Wu Fei. Chris Funk from the Decemeberists and Carl Broemel of My Morning Jacket also appear on the record.


released January 11, 2011

arr. by Abigail Washburn & Tucker Martine

City of Refuge
Abigail Washburn/James Wallace

Bring Me My Queen
Abigail Washburn/Kai Welch

Kai Welch/Tommy Hans

Ballad of Treason
Abigail Washburn/Kai Welch

Last Train
Abigail Washburn/Kai Welch

Burn Thru
Abigail Washburn/Kai Welch

Corner Girl
Abigail Washburn

Dreams of Nectar
Abigail Washburn/Kai Welch

Divine Bell
Abigail Washburn/Ketch Secor

Bright Morning Stars
arr. by Abigail Washburn & Tucker Martine

Abigail Washburn: Abbyinchina Music, administered by BUG Music (ASCAP)
Kai Welch: Nettles & Bones Music (ASCAP)
James Wallace: No Naked Light (SESAC)
Tommy Hans: Fanfare Parade Publishing (BMI)
Ketch Secor: Blood Donor Music, administered by BUG Music (BMI)
Tucker Martine: Flint Music (BMI)

Abigail Washburn: vocals, Ome banjo, SS Stewart nylon string banjo, Gold Tone cello banjo
Kai Welch: vocals, piano, keys, pump organ, guitar, tongue drum, trumpet, loop-maker, choir conductor
Tucker Martine: drums & percussion
Jeremy Kittel: viola, violin
Bill Frisell: electric guitar
Carl Broemel: electric guitar, pedal steel
Chris Funk: bowed & plucked dulcimer, electric guitar
Rayna Gellert: fiddle
WuFei: guzheng
Viktor Krauss: double bass
Yiliqi and Batubagen ( throat singing
Jamie Dick: drums & percussion
Kenny Malone: drums & percussion
Nathaniel Smith: cello
Analisa Tornfelt: fiddle
Ketch Secor: vocals & guitar
Morgan Jahnig: bass
Kevin Dailey: vocals & guitar
Diego (D-Bone): Trombone
Joe Murphy: Tuba
James Wallace: Choir Wrangler
James Wallace, Reverend Robert Hardy Dyar Jr, Casey Miekle, Ben Elkins, Bobby Funk, Jacob Gordon, Kevin Dailey, Harry Skeen, Dabney Morris, Neil Anderson, Leslie Arney, Elizabeth Pullum, Carla Parisi, Veta Bates Allen

Produced & Engineered by Tucker Martine
Recorded at Sanctuary Studio, Nashville, TN in early 2010
Assistant Engineer, Kevin Dailey
String Arrangements by Jeremy Kittel

Package Design & Illustrations: Ricardo Alessio
Art "East Meets West Falling Into The Great Sea": Erica Harris
Photos: Joshua Black Wilkins

Tucker Martine, there is no brighter light, can you handle dis?
Kai Welch for being my star-crossed collaborator and bearer and bringer of greatness now and onward. This music would not be without you.
Jeremy Kittel- we took a chance and you conquered. strike that, slaughtered.
Kevin Dailey for the constant, compassionate ear and unwavering attention to detail.
Gary Pacsoza (& Brandon) for the unconditional support. blows my mind.
Hanggai Band & Jerome Williams for taking time out of your own recording in beijing to rock the throat singing on BMS
James Wallace & Jamie Dick, Carla Parisi, Molly & Tootie for lighting up the studio and making us dinner and making us laugh.
Nat Smith (Jenelle & Wayne) for driving from mississippi only to wait for your moment of pure perfection
Rayna Gellert for the deep groove, stirring soul and dearest friendship
Edgar Meyer for the unending support and inspiration.
Ashley Capps, Carissa Stolting, Todd Steed, Annie Haslam Cheryl Harris, Legina Chaudoin, Brandi Kemp, Bobby Cudd for believing.
Fleck-Paladino clan,Tim & Rach, Annie, Jack, Owen and all my dear friends and family for your eternal love and support.
Mom & Dad & Gramma June- this record could not have happened without you!
Bela Fleck- o.a.o... all is more because of you.

Foreign Children Records 2010

This record brought to you by the extreme generosity of Donald & Chrissy Washburn and June Carvell. If you like the music, would you send Gramma June a thank you letter?
June Carvell
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